Tailored Products & Services 

We manufacture all our trusses to order. This means your trusses will be produced to the size and specifications you need and built to meet your production schedule.  Customization provides unlimited design capabilities over that of pre-manufactured stock product.   
Vendor Relationships 
Because of our size and buying power we have the opportunity to contract supply with our partner vendors. This means we have a guaranteed commitment of supply resulting in no shortages of supply in any market conditions, stable pricing and consistent quality materials.  
With dozens of trucks on hand we can fully support your needs from scheduled deliveries to project emergencies that we know arise from time to time.  Regardless of the weather, we can keep your job moving and meet your delivery needs. 


Roof Trusses

Roofing Products

Roof Trusses: 

Broken Pitch, Attic Truss, Cathedral, Dual Pitch Cathedral, Bowstring Truss

View roof trusses here.


Floor Trusses

Floor Trusses:

Custom manufactured to your exact lengths, faster framing = lower labor costs.

View floor trusses here.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Products

Engineered Wood Products:

Laminated Beams, Engineered Floor Trusses, Roof Trusses, I-Joists, Framing Lumber & more.

View engineered products here.


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